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Penetration Testing

We find security issues before hackers do.
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What are the benefits of a penetration test?

With a growing threat of cyber attacks it is more important than ever to stay ahead in terms of cyber security. A penetration test, colloquially known as a pen test, is an authorised simulated attack on a computer system that looks for security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to the system’s features and data. This will give you an overview of where you are standing in terms of IT security and helps prioritising your security efforts on your must vulnerable areas.

Think like the bad guys

We use similar techniques and tools like hackers.


We carefully check your systems for security vulnerabilities

Comprehensive report

You get a comprehensive and easy to understand report

Actionable results

Recommendations on how to remedy any identified vulnerabilities

Which type of penetration test is right for you?

Generally it is distinguished between three types of penetreation tests, white box, black box and red teaming. Each provides lesser background information and gets closer to a real cyber attack.

White Box

  • Background and system infomation
  • Find as many vulnerabilities as possible
  • Security team is being informed

Black Box

  • Basic information and company name
  • Find as many vulnerabilities as possible
  • Only a small group is aware of the test

Red Teaming

  • Only company name known
  • Look for vulnerabilities suitable to gain access
  • Being stealthy

Areas covered

During a penetration test different areas are covered to gain as much information as possible. This list gives an indication on the most common areas covered.

Information publicly available    
  • Email Adresses
  • Leaked Documents on Search Engines
  • Leaked Sensitive Information on Search Engines
  • Discover Systems connected the Internet
  • Enumerate open Ports or Services
  • Identify Products in use
Find Attack Vector    
  • Scan Systems for Vulnerabilities
  • Identify weak Passwords
  • Identify known Vulnerabilities based on Products in use
  • Check Web Applications for Cross-Site-Scripting or SQL Injection

Your benefits

At the ent of the test we will provide you a comprehensive and easy to understand report that outlines all vulnerabilities found by severity. Our actionable recommendations help you to remedy the issues found increasing your level of security.

Detailed report

An easy to understand report with a management summary

Identified issues with severity

This allows you to focus on the most severe issues found and get the most out of the penetration test


These are based on industry best practices on information security