Infosec Background

Information Security and Risk Assessment

We make sure your company is secure.
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What are the benefits of an information security and risk assessment?

With a growing threat of cyber attacks it is more important than ever to stay ahead in terms of cyber security. With our information security and risk assessments we provide you a comprehensive overview of the status quo. Our recommendations help you to tighten your security, improve business processes and increase the overall level of IT security within your company. .

Different types of assessments

To cover every aspect of your business we offer three different types of assessments, penetration testing test your internet facing applications for vulnerabilities, risk assessment analyses your processes and network design and business continuity gets you prepared for the worst case.

Penetration Testing

  • Think like the bad guys
  • Thorough checks
  • Different approaches of testing

Risk Assessment

  • The risk level of you company
  • Your requirements by law
  • Examines your processes

Business Continuity

  • Be prepared for the worst case
  • Reviews outsourced and cloud services
  • Assesses your backup strategy

Your benefits

At the ent of the assessment we provide you a comprehensive and easy to understand report that outlines all identified issues by severity. Our actionable recommendations help you to remedy the issues found increasing your overall level of security.

Detailed report

An easy to understand report with a management summary

Identified issues with severity

This allows you to focus on the most severe issues found and get the most out of the penetration test


These are based on industry best practices on information security