Thank you for writing a Google+ review

Thank you for writing a review for our business on Google+. We created this how to guide to make it as easy as possible, should you encounter any problems please let us know.


1. Please go to our Google+ page

Please follow the following link to the about us page of our Google+ profile

And you should see the followig page

google plus about us


2. Click on “Write a review” or the little pencil icon


3. This will take you to the Google sign in page

If you have been signed in already it should take you straigth to the review form, otherwise please log in with your username and password and continue to step number 9. In case you do not have an account you need to create one, as this is mandatory for Google+ reviews. Please click on the “create an account” button.

google plus sign in


4. Fill in all the information requested

It may not necessarily look like the screenshot below, as Google changes this from time to time.

google plus form


5. Fill out the captcha and agree to the terms and conditions

google plus human


6. This step can be optional

Skip to the next step if you do not get this screen. Otherwise please fill in your phone number and Google will either give you a call (a computer voice telling you a number) or send you a sms.

google plus phone


 7. You nearly made it, welcome to Google+. Press “Get started” to continue.

google plus welcome


8. You can now add a photo if you like, but this is optional

google plus photo


9. You should now see the review form

You can rate your experience with up to 5 stars and also leave a short description about our service. Think of online reviews like mini high school essays. They should be clear, concise, informative, truthful and interesting. Simply press the “publish” button once you are finished. It is also possible to edit your review at a later time.

google plus rate us


10. Thank you very much for your review

Please follow us if you would like to get more updates from us in the future.

google plus follow us