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Amazon Web Services

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Why migrate to Amazon Web Services?

The AWS Cloud gives you access to on-demand IT resources designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs, and operate more securely. Unlike on-premises infrastructure, AWS requires no upfront investments, is easy to scale up and down, and allows you to pay only for the capacity you use. Simply choose the services that you want to consume, and pay only for those services. AWS offers several tools that can help you expedite your migration, including the ability to import existing virtual machines, leverage existing software licenses, and move your data quickly and securely.

No upfront investment

No capital expense, simply pay for what you are using

Grows with your business

It scales to the demand of you business and let you adapt quickly


Get the same secure platform as large companies

Use you existing tools

You can use you existing tools and leverage you software licenses

The leader in cloud security

The AWS Cloud lets you operate in the same environment trusted by the world’s most security organizations to help protect your mission-critical data without sacrificing control, speed, or performance. You can use a combination of workload isolation, 256-bit encryption, identity and access management, API call logging, and other features designed to safeguard your data. AWS maintains 27 independently-validated security accreditations, and is built for compliance with regulations that span a multitude of industries. In “The Forrester Wave(TM): Public Cloud Platform Service Providers’ Security, Q4 2014” Forrester Research names AWS as the leader and positions it as having “displayed great strength in data center security, security attestations, storage, and data security.”

Leader in cloud security

Forrester Research names AWS as the leader in Cloud Platform Service Providers’ Security

IRAP certification

Certified by the Australian Signals Directorate

PCI DSS Level 1

Certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 27001

Certifies that AWS is following information security best practices

Interested in moving to the cloud?

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Extensive set of services

Organizations that are looking to access an extensive set of robust IT services and do away with infrastructure provisioning, capacity planning, and maintenance should migrate their workloads to the AWS Cloud. AWS has an extensive set of more than 50 services that range from compute, storage, database, networking, analytics, end-user applications, mobile services, IoT, developer tools, management tools, security & identity, and application services. These services are highly flexible and designed to work together. AWS has an extensive cloud platform, and is used by startups, large enterprises, and governmental organizations across the globe that rely on AWS to power a wide variety of mission-critical applications including: web and mobile applications, big data, devices, data warehousing, disaster recovery, archive, and many others.

More than 50 Services

That can cover all aspects of you business from mobile to disaster recovery


Combine the services to exactly fit your requirements

For all sizes

Whether you are a startup or a large organisation, the solution will fit you

No upfront costs

The AWS Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that need to access reliable and secure computing resources in a cost-efficient manner. AWS offers value by operating on massive economies of scale. You can access precisely the computing resources you need and pay for them as you go, without any upfront costs or risks of wasted money or restricted capacity. You can also use dedicated infrastructure or License Mobility to move existing enterprise software licenses to the cloud, so you can continue to get value from current investments while still benefitting from the performance, scalability, and security that the AWS Cloud is known for.

More cost effective

Benefit from the economies of scale

Use your existing licenses

You can use your existing licenses in the cloud, no additional expenses

Pay for what you use

No oversizing, quickly scale your resources up or down when needed