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Our customer relationship management module gives you all the benefits of a cloud based fully featured CRM solution. Whether you want to streamline your sales, marketing or support processes, our customer relationship management module will support you. The features include:

  •    Capture leads directly from your website with the integrated web-to-crm forms
  •    Email marketing campaigns enable you to automate the lead qualification process
  •    Detailed reports provide better overview of your sales pipelines, meaning fewer surprises
  •    Configurable workflows can automate recurring tasks
  •    With the included support portal a tailored support experience can be provided to your customers
  •    No customer is left behind due to workflow based follow ups

With this CRM module you will be in control of your sales, marketing and support processes and gain better insights due to the integrated reporting functionality. Whether you want to improve the lead quality or productivity of your sales team, understand your customers better or increase customer satisfaction, this is the right solution for your business.


No huge upfront investments

With our IT solutions you have no huge upfront investments. You do not need to buy expensive server hardware. We will only charge you a small setup fee to get your IT in the cloud up and running in no time.

Tailored solutions

With our tailored solutions we provide the IT for your specific business requirements, in high quality and hassle free. Whether you need an online presence, an accounting system or simply an email solution that integrates with your mobile devices, we will deliver it. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of available modules, if you are missing a requirement please get in touch with us.

No lock-in contracts

At HappyCloudSolutions we do not have any lock-in contracts, you simply pay for what you use, not more. You can decide at any time to use the resources best suited for your business needs, your IT will adapt to your business.

Managed Server

Your server will be configured to your individual needs including domain names, DNS and operating system. We ensure that your server runs at maximum performance and ressources will be allocated as needed. The advanced monitoring system not only verifies the health status of your infrastructure, it also remediates most of the common problems. Our IT professionals are taking care of your server, providing you a hassle free experience and saving you valuable time.

Constant updates

We will ensure that your environment remains up to date. Newly available patches for bug fixes and security updates will be applied once a week, if it is a critical security update and the severity of exposure is high the patch will be applied immediately.

Safe and secure

With our expertise we ensure that your environment is safe and secure. We implement a state of the art two factor authorisation to prevent unauthorised access to your systems, which makes common attacks like guessing your username and password impossible. A daily backup of your data provides safety against data loss or accidential deletion of data, with the option to store backups offsite in other countries. Of cause you can make a personal backup of your data through the application interface at any time.


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Managed CRM
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Per MonthIdeal for companies
Managed CRM
more than 10 users


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