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The Benefits of Managed Cloud Services For Boosting SEO

Managed cloud services can be the difference between you and your competition. Why?

Because even if you are invested in SEO tools and strategies for your Wordpress site, without managed cloud services you are automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to SEO. Not sure why your efforts aren't propelling your company higher in search engine rankings? The answer could be as simple as managed cloud services.

The connection between SEO and cloud services includes speed, location, and protection. Here's why you need managed cloud services if SEO is your goal:


Managed Cloud Services Make You Faster

While Google protects its algorithms for SEO like a national treasure, there are some tidbits of information that digital marketing experts know for sure. The upload speed of your site directly impacts SEO. Your web hosting can affect SEO because if your speeds are lagging the Google bots will penalize you. It's that simple.

Plus, beyond the direct influence of SEO in terms of the Google analysis, your conversions will be lower with slower speeds. With the wrong hosting, you are losing on SEO as well as sales! In addition, we all know the attention span of the consumer in the digital market. Lower loading speeds and lower performance equals less time spent on your site. Not only is your SEO directly hurt, and your revenue, with your customers spending less time on your site your SEO will plummet as well.

Managed cloud services are fast and responsive to your clients wherever they are. The unique qualities of cloud servers allow the hosting to adapt and deliver high performance. Thus, your SEO increases due to the responsiveness of your site and content. Google and other search engines will reward you accordingly.


Be Where You Need To Be

Local SEO can be a blessing and a curse for digital marketers when boosting SEO. You want the people close to you to find your business and enjoy the benefits of your service and support. But many digital marketers are using glitches in the system to boost SEO and knock local businesses out of the search rankings. For example, an international company might invest in website to capitalize on Australian business from halfway around the globe.

And for global companies who are trying to appeal to a larger audience, the constraints of local SEO can be difficult hurdles to overcome. Managed cloud services help boost SEO because the servers are exactly where you need them to be. This doesn't just help speed for global companies. The flexibility and responsiveness of the cloud allow local SEO to reward your company.

You will no longer be relying on hosting services that aren't geographically beneficial to your company.


Stand Protected

Even with cyber attacks and cyber security all over the news, many businesses have no idea how much their company stands to lose with the wrong hosting services. Hundreds of thousands of computers have been victims of cyber attacks. But these occurrences don't account for the spam bots and skimmer bots that could be trolling your content.

Link bots and scraping bots let loose on your site can impact SEO. By duplicating your content, or adding in unwanted and unrelated links, search engines could penalize your content. It almost doesn't seem fair that these persistent and malicious attacks could be such a headache to fix. And then they also impact the SEO you are working so hard to improve! The good news is managed cloud services eliminates this headache. You'll be reducing the expense of networking and technology experts addressing your bot issues.

Plus, your content will be pure and easily loved by the search engine ranking bots. After all, those are the only bots you want on your site.


Cater To Mobile Users

Google has also been clear that it will use the page speed ranking of mobile sites as part of the SEO score for businesses. We all know more users are depending on mobile platforms as their preferred method of interaction. As a result, you need to cater to their needs as well as the demands of SEO. Companies who place the needs of mobile users as a second thought are falling by the wayside in SEO.

Cloud hosting gives better uptime to mobile users. This directly benefits your SEO.


Scalable Solutions

One reason so many companies are hesitant when it comes to making the change to the cloud is they are shell shocked from the requirements of the digital marketplace. It's true-- as soon as you seem to have one tool or strategy down pat the rules change right in front of your face.

But managed cloud services are hardly a flash in the pan. Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are investing so many resources into these solutions because of the growth potential and scalable efforts. One way even small businesses need to be prepared is with video content. Having the storage space, performance, and speed to handle the increasing appetite for video content is a must.

And video is directly linked to SEO. The content is directly linked to site traffic. By 2017 nearly 74% of all internet content will be video.

Managed cloud services are scalable and will adapt to the changing needs of the market and your visitors. Your SEO strategy may need to change, but the cloud services tools will be the platform to get you there.


Eliminate the Negative

As you can tell, in terms of speed, location, protection, and mobile users, managed cloud services will give your SEO the upper hand against the competition.

But cloud services also help you avoid the negative. Because the cloud has numerous servers, protections, and support, you will step around traditional obstacles to SEO and site performance. If you think site speed can hurt SEO imagine what downtime can do. Also, any poor performance can knock you down in the rankings.

A cloud service used properly helps you avoid the harmful impact of downtime.


Cloud Economics and SEO

Because of the many benefits of the included services for your Wordpress site, the return on investment actually is heavily weighted in favor of using cloud hosting. The reason so many industry leaders-- Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft for example-- rely on the cloud is because of the overall value.

Using the cloud allows your company to virtually rent only the storage, processing, and servers you need to succeed. The cloud allows your company to get a scalable, best in class solution that actually performs better than your old traditional services did. Plus, you don't have to invest in the expertise of engineers and technicians to maintain your servers, storage, and speeds. This cost is included in your cloud hosting package.

For companies who are intimidated by the needs of their company in boosting SEO, it should be clear that the cloud is your answer. And if the price seems prohibitive, it's wise to consider how much it can cost not to make a change for the best. What are you losing in customer sales with lagging page speeds, lowered SEO, and downtime? Plus, the risk of spambots and skimmer software can cost your company more than just lost opportunities.

Dollar for dollar the cloud as a server solution makes more sense.


An Integrated Approach

Like most things though, a cloud hosting solution is not a magic bullet for your business. It is important to leverage the capabilities of the tool to the unique needs of your company.

If SEO is your goal then managed cloud services can help get you there. But edging out you competition will require using these services to their greatest good. One of the biggest boosts to SEO can also be inbound links. By using an integrated approach with your cloud-based services you can create linking opportunities every step of the way.

You integrated approach should include social media, partner sites, apps, video content, and blog posting. Using the best services isn't enough. Companies whose combined SEO strategies include the best-managed services and a focus on core competencies are exponentially better than their competition.

By partnering with a business who knows the ins and outs of SEO and managed services your company can focus on the needs of your customers in your marketing campaigns.


Heading For The Cloud

While there are numerous benefits to your business and web presence that isn't to say you should go it alone. You need to make sure you use a provider who can identify your unique goals and help you get to them.

At Happy Cloud Solutions, we know our clients need a better vehicle for their business. We liken normal Wordpress hosting to driving a Model T Ford back in the early 1900s. In today's digital economy, Happy Cloud Solutions can put your business in an easy, secure, fast, and up-to-date car that is specifically designed for you!

We can help get you there faster and in style. Plus, SEO is built in!

Contact us today to find the perfect managed cloud services for you.

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