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Amazon Container Service preview – Docker on AWS

We were lucky and got an early hands on of the Amazon Container Service preview, in this article we will provide an overview what is currently possible with the service and what is still under development. Overall it will give you a good overview what you can expect from the final product.

Thank you for writing a Google+ review

Thank you for writing a review for our business on Google+. We created this how to guide to make it as easy as possible, should you encounter any problems please let us know.

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The effect of digital signage on sales

Digital Signage is a method of electronic display that demonstrates constantly changing messages. It is a rapidly growing industry with an annual growth rate of over 25 percent. The growth has been predicted to continue to accelerate. This has endorsed businesses to ask “what is the effect of digital signage on sales”.

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Amazon announces WorkSpaces – a Desktop in the Cloud

Amazon recently announced Workspaces, their version of a desktop in the cloud. In corporate environments this concept is widely known as VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure. This takes the old approach, where every employee got its own desktop, pushes it into the cloud and virtualises the desktop within a container so that it can be accessed over the network.

What is cloud computing?

Actually you have been using cloud computing all the time, Dropbox and Google for exmple are cloud computing providers. So what does it mean? In simple terms cloud computing is the ability to use the power of other computers (located somewhere else) and their software via the internet. You do not need to own them, they are provided to you ...
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Don’t be scared of the cloud

That was the title of an article published by the Australian Government’s Stay Smart Online Blog, unfortunately the Stay Smart Online Blog is no longer available, that provided guidiance to small and medium businesses when considering cloud solutions. It notes that research indicates that many small businesses, while hesitating to use the cloud because of security fears, are actually using …